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Erroneous Cell Phone Call Blocker Is Good For Learning

Perfectjammer 2022/01/05

Many schools and parents still want to be able to prohibit students from using cell phones from a technical perspective. The director of the network optimization center of the operation and maintenance department of a telecommunications operator in Taizhou said that a middle school in Yuhuan had contacted them, hoping to help block students’ mobile phone signals. The operator clearly said not to do this, because it would affect other residents. The school is a high-rise building, and the residents are also high-rise buildings. It is difficult not to affect the surrounding residents by shielding the signal. There are also operators who have thought that they can lock the student number from the background, and when it is fixed, it will stop. But this requires the student's authorization, otherwise they have no right to do so, because they do not owe fees. The most useful method is to scan which numbers are in use, and then find out which students are using mobile phones, and manage them at a fixed point. However, this technology is currently mainly used by public security departments in solving cases and is not disclosed to the public. I didn't expect such a big impact on the residents. These Erroneous Cell Phone Call Blocker have been closed. The middle school is a private school with nearly 1,000 students from general and vocational high schools. For the principal, the school's Cell Phone Jammer is also for the good of the students. When they first entered the school, the school signed an agreement with parents, expressly prohibiting students from using mobile phones. However, many students still secretly brought their mobile phones. When the teacher’s inspection was over in the evening, they secretly used their mobile phones to surf the Internet and did not go to bed on time. Some people fell asleep on their desks when they were reading the next morning. After much deliberation, the school hopes to technically ban students from the Internet.

The principal said that the school hopes that the shielding range is within 20 meters, and is also worried about affecting the surrounding residents. Because the school is surrounded by residential areas. The first test was conducted on August 30, and the shielding effect of the student dormitory was good. At the time, they had also been tested by the school fence, and phone calls were not affected. As a result, the school purchased Erroneous Cell Phone Call Blocker and installed 2 units in each dormitory building. The mobile phone jammers cost 500 to 600 yuan each, a total of more than 30,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, the next night, someone from the mobile company said that the surrounding residents had a great response. The school turned down the power of the mobile phone signal jammer. It was officially used for the first time on the evening of September 1. After the machine was activated to shield it for an hour, no students who were not sleeping were found. But after that, the mobile company came to the school again and again, saying that it had received complaints from residents again. In addition, China Unicom has also received complaints. The principal said that since this was the case, the school had no choice but to use these cell phone jammers. It is difficult for students to control their mobile phones, and they have tried many methods to no avail. The principal said that the middle school, as a private school, has a poor source of students and can only make efforts in management. The school is the first in Taizhou to use technical means to manage students' mobile phones. The school said that this was a reference to the meeting of government agencies, and the signal was blocked as soon as you entered the conference room.