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Cell Phone Blocker For Office Cannot Block Classroom Blind Spots

Jacob Maxime 2022/06/09

It's the annual high school entrance examination season again. For many standardized test rooms, they are stepping up various test preparations, one of which is to purchase 5G Cell Phone Blocker For Office , in order to allow each test room to choose a suitable signal jammer We recommend a guide for the selection of 5G mobile phone signal jammers in standardized test rooms. Then it is recommended to choose a signal jammer installed indoors, and install a low-power 5G mobile phone signal jammer in each classroom. This can not only prevent the corners that cannot be shielded in the classroom, but also save capital costs. It should be known that the signal shielding device installed outdoors has to pass through at least one wall, and the effect of signal interference will be greatly reduced. It is inevitable that the signal cannot be shielded due to the reduction of the interference intensity. At the same time, the power of the 5G mobile phone signal jammer that penetrates the first layer of the wall is generally higher, and the price is relatively higher.

Once the surrounding geography is complex and it is difficult to find the signal source in a short period of time, this radio intelligent monitoring and warning system can take various measures such as voice suppression, interference signal suppression, and background noise suppression for the cheating signal source, so that candidates in the examination room cannot hear it. Transmit answers from outside the test room to the test room to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the test in a short period of time. "The technical staff of Fujian Radio Management Agency said when introducing the function of the system. The application of Cell Phone Blocker For Office is very successful. The successful completion of the college entrance examination in 2014 is inseparable from the dedicated work of the Radio Management Bureau, and it is also inseparable from high-quality products. Anti-cheating tool. According to statistics, in 2014, the radio management agency dispatched 218 technicians, activated 160 fixed radio monitoring stations, and 170 sets of other monitoring technology equipment for real-time monitoring in the radio security work of the college entrance examination in Fujian Province in 2014. It fully guarantees the smooth progress of the college entrance examination in 2014. The examination room cell phone jammer will gradually develop after this time. In the future, the mobile phone signal jammer will be developed to more occasions. The development of mobile phones will definitely lead to the development of mobile phone signal jammers.