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How To Block Unknown Numbers On Your Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/10/22

This year’s college entrance examination is scheduled to take place on June 7 and 8. The channel 1 high school test center has upgraded the shielding instrument that shielded 3G signals from previous years to How To Block Unknown Numbers On Your Cell Phone shielding 4G signals to ensure that the examination and test questions are leaked and unsecured. On June 5 and 6, a comprehensive training will be conducted for all staff participating in this year's college entrance examination. This year, the number of applicants for the general college entrance examination in the first high school entrance examination area of ​​the passage examination area is 629. 133 of them have been individually enrolled in higher vocational colleges. The actual number of students who participated in the college entrance examination was 496, including 162 candidates for Chinese language and culture, and 68 candidates for arts and sports. ; 224 candidates for science and culture; 25 candidates for science, art and sports; 7 candidates for art in vocational high schools. There are 19 provincial examination rooms. For the convenience of group examinations, 2 mixed examination rooms are arranged. There are 17 examination rooms in the first middle school examination center of Passageway. cell phone jammer

This year’s general college entrance examination, focusing on the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s overall requirements of “safety, quality and fairness”, the establishment of “safe college entrance examination, sunshine college entrance examination, and warm college entrance examination” will ensure the safety of the exam, and pay close attention to the discipline of the exam. fair and just. To achieve the goal of "three eliminations and one reduction" (eliminating safety accidents, eliminating leaks and missing secrets, eliminating work errors, and reducing violations of rules and regulations to a minimum). Before the college entrance examination, in addition to using How To Block Unknown Numbers On Your Cell Phone to do a good job of confidentiality, all functional departments in Tongdao County also performed their duties to escort the smooth progress of the college entrance examination. On June 4th, the Urban Law Enforcement Bureau has concentrated its manpower and resources to repair and pave the entrance passage No. 1 high school test site and some roads in the urban area. The electric power department has conducted inspections and security checks on the test site transmission lines. Public security, highways, traffic police, industry and commerce, health and other departments are composed The joint inspection team has cleaned and dismantled the structures obstructing traffic such as car washes on the roads in the city, and set up college entrance examination signs at relevant intersections to investigate and rectify the food, student dormitories, cafeterias, etc. around the test sites, and deal with suspects. Special rectification of illegal behaviors such as "three noes" electronic products used for cheating in examinations; environmental protection departments shall rectify the noise around the test sites.