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How To Build A Cheap Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/10/08

In recent days, as a netizen during the exam period in the past few days, you have been passing by colleges and universities. Apart from experiencing crowdedness and quietness, the mobile phone data signal may not be very good. At this time, you must not hate the operator. Please also everyone. He clapped his hands and applauded. As a student during the exam period, you found a device similar to a wireless router when you walked into the exam room. You don't have to be "excited" to think that you can "online", it may be " How To Build A Cheap Cell Phone Jammer ". Today coincides with the exam period, and chat with everyone about the impact of communication on this kind of thing. Mobile Telecom Unicom's frequency range communication technology is still in the 2G period. cell phone jammer It can be fully utilized. At that time, the frequency band adopted by most operators was relatively fixed, and the bandwidth was also narrow, and it was easy to influence the relativity.

It can be seen from the above that the key work of 2G in mobile communication technology applications is in the 900/1800MHz frequency range, 3G is in the frequency range of 1900-2100MHz, and 4G is in the frequency range of 2300-2500MHz. With the rapid development of communication technology, the progress of 3G and 4G communication technology has caused " How To Build A Cheap Cell Phone Jammer " to encounter a dilemma. Originally, only the signal interference of the 2G design plan was required. Because of the power, the 3G and 4G data signals cannot be covered, which will cause the shielding failure. . Fortunately, mobile phone jammers are also developing, and they quickly have professional influence on the 3G and 4G frequency bands, and can simultaneously shield these three frequency bands at the same time and space.