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Jammer Cell Phone Circuit

Perfectjammer 2021/09/02

Associate professor of the School of Cyberspace Security of Southeast University explained that the use of mobile phones to cause combustion in gas stations requires two conditions. One is that the on-site oil and gas mixture concentration must reach a certain ratio, and the other is that the power of the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone is large enough to generate electric sparks on the circuit. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to make a phone call in a gas station or use other functions of a mobile phone to cause an oil and gas explosion, but in real life, the probability is very low. As long as we keep the place of payment away from the gas gun, the risk factor will be reduced. : "But in real life, our mobile phones are limited in their transmission power. So now their maximum power is far from being able to generate electric sparks. Now our mobile phones are basically It is a touch-sensitive smartphone. Compared with old-fashioned phones, this kind of mobile phone is safer to use, because it does not have some mechanical operations, so the possibility of electric sparks is less." Jammer Cell Phone CircuitAppearance Perfectly solve the problems of this century. cell phone jammer It also keeps us from worrying about an explosion at the gas station.

In addition to the inability to use mobile phones in the gas station, inquiries about "gas station fire" found that more reasons were news of fire caused by tidying up clothes, combing hair and refueling at the gas station. Firefighters remind us to be careful of the static electricity generated on our bodies, because some gasoline volatilizes into steam during the use of the fuel gun, and the sparks of static electricity are very likely to ignite it: "Oil is a volatile substance, and it is completely possible to go out. Volatile a large amount of combustible gas, mixed with air to reach a certain explosion ratio, even if it encounters energy such as "a needle falling on the ground", it may be ignited. It is best to wear cotton gloves to reduce To generate static electricity, touch the electrostatic discharge device on the fuel tank before lifting the fuel gun to ensure that the electrostatic charge on your body is fully discharged before refueling. "Also use Jammer Cell Phone Circuit to prevent the appearance of mobile phones.