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Industrial Cell Phone Blocker

Perfectjammer 2021/12/01

During the test, the signals of all mobile phones, Bluetooth and WiFi devices shall be effectively shielded, and the shielding range shall be within the classroom of all test rooms and within 10 meters of the classroom. For this reason, when building standardized examination rooms, each examination room is equipped with a Industrial Cell Phone Blocker . During the construction, in order to avoid misoperation of turning on the equipment in the classroom, the power supply of the mobile phone signal jammer was designed for centralized control, unified lead, and unified switch. This switch is only turned on and used during national examinations, and it is usually turned off. cell phone jammer

Industrial Cell Phone Blocker is installed in the classroom where the child is. At first, I thought it was used to prevent students from cheating during the high school entrance examination, but it is still in use. Many parents in this school are worried that the electromagnetic waves emitted by such mobile phone interference devices will endanger the health of their children.