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The U.S. military is actively developing weapons of military interference

Perfectjammer 2019-12-10

For several years, the US military has been evaluating various anti-UAV measures, consisting mainly of jamming or blocking the signal, as well as radar detection and the conventional counterattack generally used against aircraft.

"If you're just static in one part of the spectrum, of course, they're going to target it and you're going to be snubbed," Jeffery Kawada, deputy director of the Information War Integration Division at HQ. Marine Corps capacity development, said. "But if you can maneuver in the spectrum and you can feel that and you can maneuver to a clean part of the spectrum - it's the intention of everything we do ... to be able to make dynamic access to the spectrum. .. we know we're going to get stuck because we're doing it for them. "......

A quick Google search will find several companies claiming to sell devices that can block drone control signals, which can force an unwanted quadcopter to hang or return to its origin point depending on the manufacturer.

You own a drone and you want to have fun with? The technology uses a WiFi jammer that interrupts the connection between the drone and the controller. It can be very effective in dropping drones that use Wi-Fi as a method of communication.

China, October 29, 2017 - UAVs or drones could bring several types of threats and interfere with privacy. This is why many people are often looking for effective UAV jamming solutions to lead a peaceful and safe life. Based in China, Perfectjammer Technology Company has innovative jammers for drones and wireless communications that can protect people from these aerial devices. They have recently developed a long-range drone jammer that can be used to hit a device at a significant distance of up to 1000 meters.

According to the spokesman for Perfectjammer Technology Co., Limited, the long-range jammer uses radio control frequency disruption technologies to stop UAVs in the air to help establish the safety and security of military installations or civilian settlements. The gun works on standard 2.4GHz 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi GPS and ISM radio bands that allow it to interfere with commercial UAV signals. The gun can operate with a significant frequency range, to detect and drop a drone from a distance.