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Blocking Your Cell Phone Number When Texting

Novak Jan 2022/04/20

Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in campus examination rooms. Cells, detention centers and other places where it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones into the area. Then how should you choose the most suitable Blocking Your Cell Phone Number When Texting according to your own needs? Below, I will tell you the areas where you must pay special attention to choosing an cell phone jammer . If it is used in an indoor venue, it is generally suitable for the examination room. The cell phone signal jammers in the conference hall, company office and other areas are small and high-power, and the gas station must use explosion-proof and heat-resistant; to achieve proper spacing. In particular, there is a certain demand for crossing the wall. The right requirements are the same as the signal classification. Before purchasing, you must know what signals you want to block. The mobile phone signals that are normally blocked are (2345G and 2.4G), but they can be blocked at this stage. Mobile phone signal jammers for 5g signals have long been popular.

Buying troubles for exam Blocking Your Cell Phone Number When Texting is something that many customers have. At this time, you can go to Chengdu Basansiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. to inquire about the price of the test signal jammer. It is a company with many years of high-quality and colorful products. The manufacturer with experience in the research and development of shielding products has a first-class technical elite team to provide service support for product quality, which is favored and selected by users. At present, almost all mobile phone signal shielding devices adopt the full-coverage high-power shielding method, but the frequency spectrum used by the surrounding base stations is much smaller than the frequency emitted by the shielding device, and the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the full-band suppression is also very large. As people learn more about electromagnetic radiation cognitohazards, there is more hope for less electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the traditional signal jammer will also affect the normal operation of the operator's base station, which will greatly affect the use of mobile phones by surrounding residents.