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Block Cell Phone Signal In Classroom Can Work Continuously

Perfectjammer 2022/04/22

Block Cell Phone Signal In Classroom

Cell phone jammers cost around 7,000 to 40,000 yen, depending on the app. For example, GPS jammers are used specifically for mortgage car services. The price is very cheap, around 8000 yen. Prices are different for low power, medium power and high power. The price of low power is about 5000-24000 yen, the price of medium power is about 15000-30000 yen, and the price of high power is more than 30,000 yen. Block Cell Phone Signal In Classroom Price depends on host chip. As in the market, integration into modules is very cheap. Some are different signals, and the modules are all different. Therefore, the price is relatively high. Some parameters are not high, the power consumption is large, and the heat generation is large. The type is a single module, and the price is only a fraction of the price of a single module. You get what you pay for. The external cell phone jammer antenna has large gain, high shielding effect, stable performance, good heat dissipation effect, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

As we all know, in many occasions in life, it is very inappropriate to use mobile phones, such as exams and meetings. In this case, in addition to grabbing the phone in advance, the stable operation of the full frequency band Block Cell Phone Signal In Classroom will be used to effectively shield the range of specific occasions. Mobile phone signal, WiFi signal, what are the specific applications of the well-built full-band mobile phone jammer? Next, let's take a look at DXN Electronics! It is undeniable that we will encounter all kinds of examinations in our life, from small to middle school entrance examination, to college entrance examination, teaching resource examination, civil servant recruitment examination and postgraduate examination, etc., to ensure fairness and justice. Exams, to avoid cheating candidates, every high school exam will use a full-frequency mobile phone jammer with good performance,

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