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Block Cell Phone Tracker App Blocks Voice Calls

Perfectjammer 2022/04/22

Block Cell Phone Tracker App

Is there a communication base station around the school? When we are doing engineering construction, we often see customers tell everyone that Block Cell Phone Tracker App will have practical effects. 2G3G can be shielded, in other words, the data signal of voice calls can be shielded, but the data signal of 4G cannot be shielded. In fact, the electric power of each cell phone jammer is different. Generally, the output power of 4G1 and 4G2 is around 2W, in other words, 33db. If there is a communication base station within 200 meters, such a device, that is, 4G data signal shielding. It will also happen, and customer feedback will have actual results. The data signal (234G) of the voice call is alternatively shielded. If you only shield 23G or only 34G, this can be changed before shipment. In addition, there are 2.4GWIFI, 5.8GWIFI, VHF, UHF and other frequency bands. How to understand it? That is, if you only want to block voice calls or Wi-Fi, the manufacturer can mainly push 2G3G on the server, and the cost will come out.

There are a lot of customers talking on the phone, I need a telecommunications Block Cell Phone Tracker App with a radius of 50 meters, a distance of 500 meters, and a distance of one kilometer around, and it needs to be shielded from the three networks of China Mobile and China Unicom. Is there anything wrong with the customer's standards? No problem, there are actual spacing rules, but is it ok? The answer is very difficult to achieve. Why is it more difficult to achieve? The main parameter of the signal jammer does not have its own shielding distance. Can you put a few more according to this distance? In fact, otherwise, the customer is not wrong, but they do not know that the overall planning of the interference of the mobile phone signal jammer is not a numerical value, how to master it.

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