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Message When Blocked From Cell Phone Is Strictly Forbidden To Use Mobile Phones

Perfectjammer 2022/05/18

Students from the No. 1 Middle School in Doumen District, Zhuhai returned to school after the National Day and found that the school leaders had installed a Message When Blocked From Cell Phone in the dormitory area. The school stated that this move is to better prohibit students from using mobile phones in school, so as to control students' serious study. But such approaches by school leaders have also led to dissent. At this stage, the school has already installed fixed-line telephones in every dormitory, and students can install cards and use landline numbers. Some netizens feel that the school is a training area, and the school strictly prohibits students from using mobile phones. If the students are addicted to playing with mobile phones, it will cause unintentional learning. Some friends also think that the idea of ​​ Cell Phone Jammer blocking mobile phone signals and strictly prohibiting the use of mobile phones is a good idea, but it is obvious that it is difficult to solve the expectation of building a calm learning environment. Some people jokingly said that maybe the students will develop an "anti-signal jammer" based on their own intelligence and wisdom, and they will be able to apply for a patent at that time.

The emergence of mobile phones has indeed helped people in many things, and it has also brought people closer and closer, bringing great convenience to people's lives. Mobile phones have naturally become an indispensable device for us, but this also It will bring great information security risks to some specific occasions. Therefore, many factories have also begun to transform into Message When Blocked From Cell Phone manufacturers. In our life, many institutions have already installed and used mobile phone signal jammers, such as: various test rooms, schools, gas stations, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, government agencies, etc. use. Mobile phones cannot be used in these places where information security is highly required. This is the only way I can think of is to hand over the mobile phone. There is another way to install a mobile phone signal blocker. The mobile phone blocker can block all mobile phone signals in a specific place, and can block wifi, base station signals, etc. wireless signal. It can effectively make the mobile phone unable to access the Internet. In this way, the occurrence of information security incidents can be greatly avoided.