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Can O Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone Avoid Fraud

Perfectjammer 2022/04/23

Can O Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone

The size of the shielding category you see can be found in the operating instructions attached to the exam Can O Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone , but this data information is a laboratory data information, for reference only, and specific applications should be divided into different situations. First of all, whether there is a communication base station about 500 meters in the surrounding area is one of the reasons for the damage to the shielding range, and the damage caused by the distance is different depending on the length of the distance. Pay attention to this, and secondly, mobile phone jammers are not allowed. Penetrating, which will greatly reduce the actual effect of its shielding, and metal objects will also directly affect the actual effect of its shielding. Although having these types of problems will directly affect the actual effect of the exam cell phone jammer , it is still the most effective way to avoid fraudulent electronic devices. For the price, there are technical professional quality and preferential price equipment, and many years of development work experience can be trusted. I hope the masses will come and cooperate.

Obviously, the farther the jammer is from the communication base station, the weaker the magnetic field strength and the larger the radius of interference, and vice versa. If it is especially close to the communication base station Can O Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone will lose its interference ability. If the same jammer is used outdoors, the scope of interference will be doubled compared to that used in the room. If the interference range is within 200m, a mobile phone jammer is generally installed, that is, it should be hung in the wall of the room and separated from the road by 1-1.8m; 200m, generally two or more sets should be set up, placed on the front, rear, left and right walls; if the indoor space is disturbed outdoors and more than 1000m, several sets should be selected, and the actual effect is good according to the multi-tube spread. Because the frequency range of mobile phone applications is dedicated, Guanyu manufacturers feel that the transmission frequency of the wireless mobile phone signal jammer in the conference hall is completely within the frequency range specified by the state for mobile phone work, so it is not suitable for TVs, tape recorders and other electronic products No hazard. At the same time, the mobile phone jammer only interferes with the BCH sent by the communication base station accepted by the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot be closely connected with the communication base station, so it does not cause other harm to the mobile phone. In addition, although the magnetic field strength of the wireless signal it transmits is stronger than that of BCH, it is far higher than the electromagnetic wave radiation field that occurs during a mobile phone voice call, so it is not easy to cause damage to the body, and can be used safely for a long time.

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