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Block Solicitation Calls On Cell Phone Guarantee Fair And Reasonable

Perfectjammer 2022/05/17

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of science and technology, mobile phones are no longer a luxury product for people. Originally, mobile phones were used as a tool for people to communicate, but in some places they are used for cheating. So in response to this phenomenon, in order to conduct the test fairly and reasonably, we came out Block Solicitation Calls On Cell Phone this artifact, and now there are more mobile phone signal jammers on the market. The principle of the signal jammer is actually very simple. First, you have to install the signal jammer close to the test site, then connect to the power supply and turn on the power switch of cell phone jammer to ensure that the mobile phone signal jammer can be plugged in normally. Press and hold the disconnector of the signal blocker. At this time, the mobile phone will be in a state of no signal, the mobile phone will lose all the signals of the communication base station, and the mobile phone will not be able to make voice calls and send information. Purpose.

Recently, many students reported that they have seen a new batch of new machines installed in the classrooms of the school, which made many people wonder what it is. In fact, it has been vigorously promoted and installed in the classrooms of the examination room. The equipment of Block Solicitation Calls On Cell Phone is now used in the major exams in the school, and when the college entrance examination is approaching recently, basically every examination room has been installed with this kind of equipment. This is to prevent more and more serious problems in recent years. The emergence of the phenomenon of cheating allows candidates to take exams with peace of mind in a stable and orderly examination room.