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Cell Phone Jammer In Movies

Sharp Angie 2021-09-09

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the number of mobile phone users in China exceeded 900 million a few years ago. The current mobile phone automation functions continue to expand. In addition to basic voice calls and short message functions, it also enjoys digital cameras and surveillance cameras. , Voice recorder, and more application functions on the Internet. The application of these smart phones greatly facilitates the communication and communication between people, facilitates the carrier of information, and enriches people's lives. However, while mobile phones are actively promoting social development, there are many problems caused by the proliferation of mobile phones. The disadvantages brought about. Cell Phone Jammer In Movies Prevent all possible accidents. cell phone jammer It can also interfere with emergency calls. This may result in higher fines.

Changsha Radio Management Department recently investigated and dealt with an Cell Phone Jammer In Movies interference case. The radio management department reminded that it is illegal to set up and use mobile phone signal jammers without permission. On March 11, a Hunan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. in Changsha High-tech Zone complained that since the beginning of March, the company’s radio communication equipment and mobile network could not be used normally, the company’s substation data transmission could not be transmitted normally, and the company’s customer contact was restricted. , Which seriously affected normal production and life. The Changsha Municipal Radio Management Department contacted the municipal mobile communication operator to organize the municipal radio monitoring station to investigate its interference and confirm that the interference signal came from another company nearby. It was verified that this company installed 12 mobile phone jammers in the operating workshop to prevent employees from playing and watching mobile phones during working hours and affecting safety production.