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GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is used by individuals, commercial entities and the military for navigational purposes. GPS uses 24 satellites that orbit the earth and send radio signals. The GPS satellites work with a GPS receiver which today can be found in individual handheld units, car navigational systems, boat navigational systems, highly precise commercial products and a wide range of military equipment. But there are pros and cons. As GPS applications become more widespread, GPS is increasingly being used to track and infringe personal privacy. So GPS jamming devices are becoming more and more popular. The device is already popular in North America and most European countries. Almost everyone has one to protect their privacy.

GPS jammer is nothing new – even the North Koreans have it – but this latest testing does look unusual. The lack of ground jamming could indicate that the device is airborne, but the FAA only concerns itself with airspace, so ground based jammers can't be ruled out. From the public's point of view, convenient GPS blocker can protect individuals' privacy and avoid the theft of personal privacy by government agencies and individuals. Avoid your GPS location to be known.

That's why so many people need to buy this kind of equipment

Global positioning system (GPS) technology has been around long enough — and is so widely used that we have come to take it for granted. If you don’t have a GPS navigation system installed in your car, you probably have something like it on a standalone device from Garmin or TomTom or on your cellular phone. What you may not know is how many other seemingly unrelated systems rely on GPS signals, and you don't know how many places can be tracked by GPS to reveal your privacy. And that's why you need to use GPS scrambler devices against GPS navigation, because navigation may expose your location to some organization that intends to gain your privacy. Currently, such devices are very popular in the United States.

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GPS signals are quite weak, being distributed out across the surface of the Earth by satellites high in orbit, so out of all the signals to jam, they're among the easiest to do so.

Interference and spoofing can cause serious damage and pose a threat to public safety. Fortunately, spectrum monitoring can detect and locate sources of interference and can prevent attacks with anti-jamming and gps scrambler for car.

The GPS Location scrambler works by sending out its own signal on the same frequency as the GPS unit, a noisy signal that prevents it from receiving or transmitting any useful information. There are a number of types of noise signals it can send; some call for a narrowband Gaussian signal, others for a simple continuous wave.

Navigation GPS jammer come in a variety of designs, each suited for slightly different uses. The first, and most popular model to hit the mainstream market was one that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car, effectively disrupting the signal for a 15 foot radius. Not enough to disrupt signals from other cars, but enough to keep you in a cone of GPS jamming silence. However, other versions that are battery powered and are effective to different distances, are also available.

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