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GPS anti-tracking disruptor device

Every day, GPS navigation systems are at work around the globe, guiding and tracking lorries, trucks, mobile phones, passenger vehicles, aerospace vessels and more, in spite of whatever the weather throws at them, as long as they’re in line of sight with at least four satellites. GPS brings people great convenience and bad influence. For example, the judiciary installs GPS tracking devices in your car. Or they're being fitted with GPS locators in the car. It's not a joke. In fact, it happens every day in America.

You can pick up such GPS jammer cheap on the internet, where they’re sold under premises such as helping to silence the clamor that plagues noisy classrooms, theaters, restaurants, or business meetings. Eliminate GPS positioning and maintain personal privacy.

Any radio frequency signal can be jammed if you throw enough power at it but eLoran is far more resistant than anything else available for navigation and timing at present and the modern enhancements make spoofing virtually impossible too. That’s why South Korea are rolling out perfectjammer as a GPS dissruptor alternative as it can stand up to the massive jamming coming from the North. No pocket or car disruptors would have any effect on it at all either.

For now, the GPS signal jammer is the most popular jamming device outside of the mobile phone jammer. After all, more and more devices have GPS positioning, and you always have to rely on GPS jamming devices to keep some privacy. It has to be said that this device is excellent as an anti-tracking device.

GPS Disruptors U Disk Anti-Tracking

U disk anti-tracking GPS jammer, modeling small and hidden, can help you with anti-tracking,Protect your privacy. Hidden U-disk design, very small, easy to carry. Has 5 meters jammer range, effective protection of your personal safety. Power supply is very convenient: USB interface( Portable battery, Computer, Mobile phone charger, Car charger), android charging interface(Cell phones, all Android devices etc

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