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Car gps signal disruptor

Before using GPS jammers, we must understand how GPS works. GPS utilizes the satellite system and sends signals. The satellite works with GPS receivers to find out positioning through triangulation. Triangulation is basically a technique and method in which three different points are being considered for computing location. For instance, in cars navigation, the location is being evaluated by three definite satellites revolving the earth. By means of triangulation, global positioning system can deliver the site to the recipient.

As you may already know, location tracking these days might be not only helpful but also it can violate your privacy rights because many law enforcement agencies in different countries practice warrantless tracking. They place tracking devices under your vehicle and monitor your location at will because privacy laws are incomplete in those countries. To help you manage this situation there are GPS jammer to be used. Those devices can prevent satellite tracking systems of any country from finding out where you are. The only exception is Iridium satellite network but we have a special device for it - GPS Jamming device. This product can effectively isolate GPS signals and avoid being tracked. Whether you're driving or walking, you can protect your information at any time. Many world leaders now use the device to reverse track.

Aside from GPS trackers there is another thing that is even closer to you then your car. It is your smartphone. As a rule all modern smartphones have embedded GPS module. This module can grant law enforcement agencies access to your geolocation data, and while it also can be granted without a warrant, governmental employees can track your movements in the same way they track vehicles with GPS tracking devices. But you can use our products from this category to protect your privacy and keep information about your location and movement through the day safe from strangers.

Car GPS Signal Disruptor

This car disruptors can cover all 15-meter range of all positioning terminals and other GPS signals to block, can protect your personal informations. Effective prevention by GPS satellite positioning. Protect your whereabouts privacy and confidential information. Only jamming GPS satellite signals, does not affect the normal use of mobile phones.

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