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There are many ways to confound or interrupt the tracking device depending on the type of tracker used, whether it’s passive or an active GPS tracking device. The direct way to avoid being tracked is to destroy the GPS device and make sure that it no longer functions. But if the purpose is to just tamper it secretly without the knowledge of the installer, then it’s easy to block or weaken the transmission of the tracking device. GPS signal jammer is an excellent anti-tracking device. It can't get your location correctly without interrupting the tracking device. This means that even if the tracking device is working, it won't be able to get your location

The GPS jammer work by interrupting the signals that come from the satellite and make it impossible for a device to operate. Majority of GPS jammers are being made for military purposes to confuse the opposing military force this situation is becoming increasingly apparent in electronic warfare.. GPS jammers are being created mainly for military organizations, gadget companies and the government organizations.

The basic purpose of a GPS signal jammer is to prevent GPS loggers from either receiving satellite signals, or sending signals back to their base station. Now, chances are, any GPS you will have contact with use the radio frequency set aside from civilian use: military units use a very different frequency.

Handheld GPS Signal Disruptor

This GPS disruptor device size is very small, easy to carry. Can interfere with 6 bands, jamming all GPS signals. Simple operation, open the power can be used immediately. Can interfere with six bands, can jamming all mobile phone signals. Portable design, Size is very small, easy to carry

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