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Personal GPS tracking scrambler

Sure, the GPS system is very convenient, but do you know that the system is easy to use to steal your personal privacy? If you are being stalked by someone who is using GPS to do so you should feel completely within your “rights” to purchase a GPS jammer device and install it in your car. No one should be able to find out exactly where you are so that they can watch your every move so that they can plan some sort of wickedness against your person. Such violations should be blocked. If you are particularly paranoid, think about getting a blocker to place inside your car in addition to occasionally searching the wheel wells of your car.

Do a routine inspection of your wheel wells and vehicle under carriage. Most GPS trackers will attach to your vehicle via a magnet, so look for anything that appears out of place. Once you find a device contact the police right away so they can take a look. But in general, the tracking device in your car may be installed by the police or state organs. Another way is to use GPS GSM jammer devices to disable the tracking device. Because some of the tracking devices also have wiretapping, GSM functions need to be shielded.

More and more often people are faced with illegal gps tracking, accordingly, the suppressors of the GPS signals jammers can be a practicable help for protecting against any attempts of spy tracking by the signals of the GPS tracker, installed in your car. A car jammer blocking GPS signal is powered from the cigarette lighter in the car. Very convenient, compact device that inhibits the GPS signal, perfect for being invisible to all kinds of GPS trackers, tracking the movement of any kind of vehicle or transport.

GPS Tracking Scrambler for Personal Handheld

This is a professional grade GPS scrambler device. Can blocker GPS tracking and be used in car directly, with car charger and AC charger and your can select a jamming frequency from 8 bands as your need. Because has 8 bands so it has a very large range of block, can jamming a variety of frequency bands. It is very convenient jamming equipment

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