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The first step to using GPS vacations is to use the Internet: exchange digital data between satellites and terminals (GPS). For a PC connected to a set-top box via Wi-Fi, you can isolate signals, block signals or control signals, and sometimes even harm the first user. All interceptions are conceivable, and more and more techniques are allowed to intercept.

These interceptions are actually a good example of how arrogantly called the "Middle Attack" (MITM), or the good French "Human Rights Midway Attack" (HDM). They made it possible to understand that the root cause of these attacks was a careful intrusion between the transmitter and receiver. Therefore, it is important to encrypt the transmission so that a potential intruder cannot manipulate the transmission, or at least cannot understand the transmission. In Wi-Fi, for example, this translates to WPA2 encryption.

Regarding the gps jammer, the GPS jammer is only a RECEIVER and will not transmit. Each satellite transmits on two carrier frequencies at the same time, one at 1575.42 Mhz and the other at 1227.6 Mhz. The signal is modulated with phase modulation. As far as I know, there is no GPS jammer, but this is totally feasible, but it takes risks and is of course threatened :) For GSM, 890,000 to 902,500 MHz: GSM Itineris 935,000 to 947,500 MHz GSM Itineris 947,500 to 960,000 MHz GSM SFR 902,500 to 915,000 MHz: GSM SFR for DCS, namely Bouygue Telecom, 1805,000 to 1880,000 MHz DCS 1800 BouyguesTel 1880,000 to 1900,000 MHz DECT cordless phone 1900,000 to 1920,000 MHz UMTS 1920, 000 to 1990,000 MHz UMTS 2010,000 to 2025,000 MHz UMTS 2110,000 to 2170,000 MHz UMTS, so you need to be very clear about what these frequencies do.

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