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GPS anti-tracking system for car

GPS is becoming more and more widely used. Despite the type of vehicle whether it is air, water or land one, could be easily tracked if there is GPS on their board. If you don’t want to be tracked by anybody, you may buy GPS blockers and be calm about your confidentiality. The main aim of any GPS jammer is to block GPS tracker signals. But you should know that GPS trackers could be not just of one frequency but of 5. Consequently, there are different GPS blockers where each of them is aimed to block the respective bands of GPS tracker. There are various satellite navigation systems such as Japanese QZSS, European Galileo, Chinese Compass etc. with help of which your location could be found in several minutes. That’s why you need to use jammer depending on in what country you are. Also they could be distinguished by styles. It means that you may use a portable or desktop GPS jammer to stop GPS tracker transmitting the signal and spotting your location. Such jammers radiate the same frequency used by tracker and due to this feature all GPS trackers are blocked. Can effectively prevent being tracked. This is a very practical device for the inhabitants of North America. As a result, nearly everyone in North America now has one. It's also one of the biggest jamming devices sold in recent years.

Devices that claim to jam or “block” GPS signals are widely available through a number of websites and online entities. The cost of these devices ranges from a few tens of dollars to several hundred. Of course, it's not one thing to choose a site from a number of sites. However, it is safe to buy GPS signal jammer in perfectjammer. As a company with more than 10 years of production and sales jammer equipment, all the products here have been tested for quality and guaranteed the cheapest price.

Car GPS anti-tracking systm come in a variety of designs, each suited for slightly different uses. The first, and most popular model to hit the mainstream market was one that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car, effectively disrupting the signal for a 15 foot radius. Not enough to disrupt signals from other cars, but enough to keep you in a cone of GPS jamming silence. However, other versions that are battery powered and are effective to different distances, are also available.

Anti-Tracking System for Car

This anti tracking system uses military camouflage design, exquisite appearance, high quality. Can defense tracking and block 6 bands signals, including all phone signal, GPS and LOJACK. Has LCD Display Screen: Display working whether normally, the battery power display, charging display, the body temperature display, more convenience to control the using of the device. Has 1 main switch, the No. 1 to No. 6 switches for antennas single control switches, can choose to interfere antennas function individually; the switch with memory function, if device restart, default before function design

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