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GPS tracking signal scrambler

You might be surprised how often a government official has secretly and illegally placed a tracking device on your vehicle. For example, there is currently a case going on right now in Louisiana where police illegally installed a GPS tracking device for a friend. The victim did not buy a jammer, but if he did he would have been able to put an immediate nix on the illegal activity until he eventually found the tracking device. Now I don’t want to imply that there is a great government conspiracy going on where the government is in the business of tracking private citizens without warrant or reason, because I just don’t think that this is the case. But there is some truth to government employees abusing their powers and using GPS tracking for their own ends. This type of thing should be blocked by using GPS jammer tracking.

The GPS signals travel at the speed of light, and by comparing the time signal from the satellite with that of the onboard clock, the distance from the satellite is determined. Each signal describes a sphere around that satellite, but the point where at least four satellite signal spheres intersect identifies a specific point in space. This calculation is repeated several times each second as you go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. That's why other people can quickly locate your information via GPS tracking devices.

It might be a bit mystifying to some as to why someone might want to jam a GPS signal. However, there are those with a particular need for privacy, be it to massage their paranoia, keep law enforcement from engaging in warrantless car tracking, take an unauthorized lunchbreak with a GPS enabled company car, or a teenager not wanting their parents to track their GPS phone.

GPS scrambler, which is blocking the satellites signals (rather, it generates a noise in the satellite frequency). Always the signals are transmitted to devices located on the ground (or in the air) at two main frequencies: frequency GPS (civilian L1 band, which is used in trackers) is 1575.42 MHz. Frequency GLONASS (civilian L1 band, which is used in trackers): 1602 MHz. As the frequencies are very close, they are blocked with broadband noise generator that requires only one antenna.

Car GPS Satellite Signal Scrambler

The GPS scramblers are small and easy to carry, and can protect your personal privacy and whereabouts anytime and anywhere. With car charging function, you can protect your vehicle safety. Effectively jamming GPS satellite signals, protect your location privacy and personal information. Work does not affect the normal use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment. Small size, , light weight, large coverage, easy to carry

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