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GPS disrupt gadgets

A GPS jammerx can block radio communications on devices that operates on a given radio frequencies within its range (i.e., within a certain distance of the jammer) by emitting a noise radio carrier. A GPS jammer generates a 1575.42 Mhz interference to prevent your GPS unit from receiving correct positioning signals. The GPS jammer is typically a small, self-contained, battery powered and transmit signal over a small radius. Though illegal to use, these low-tech devices can be bought on the internet for as little as $25. Since they can block devices that record a vehicle’s movements, they’re popular with truck drivers who don’t want an electronic spy in their cabs. They can also block GPS-based road tolls that are levied via an on-board receiver. GPS jamming technology will also disable autopilot in drones to protect individuals' privacy.

Why do we need GPS interference? The issue is that although jammers might be used simply by a driver not wanting to be tracked by his or her company's telematics, this action can also take out a large area of transmission. This disruption can interfere with an increasing range of technologies that rely on satellite positioning and timing systems. But for the time being, the latest GPS signal jammer can accurately determine the range of interference. So, you can start with as little impact on other people or devices as possible.

Generally speaking, people who use GPS jammers are usually car drivers. After all, illegal tracking is getting worse in America. So, as a driver, you need a jamming device to protect your privacy.

Of course, many government agencies also buy such equipment to protect politicians' whereabouts.

U Disk Hidden Type Anti-Tracking GPS Disruptors

U disk type mini GPS jammer, modeling small and hidden, can help you with anti-tracking,Protect your privacy. Hidden U-disk design, very small, easy to carry. Has 5 meters jammer range, effective protection of your personal safety. Power supply is very convenient: USB interface( Portable battery, Computer, Mobile phone charger, Car charger), android charging interface(Cell phones, all Android devices etc

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