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GPS disruptor vehicle for sale

Most people think of GPS as the ubiquitous yet invisible system that moves the dot on Google maps. But the massive network of satellites and countless receivers do much more. GPS signals provide any object containing a receiver chip with continuous and precise time information from the satellites’ atomic clocks. Any task that requires precision timing (including synchronization telecommunications) or a record of high-speed transactions (including Wall Street trades) uses GPS. Although the GPS technology is so convenient it does not bring about full benefits. After all, some technologies can also be used by some malicious people

This GPS jammer spew RF at around 1575.42 MHz, the same frequency used by GPS satellites in high Earth orbit. Those signals coming from GPS satellites are very, very weak, and it’s relatively easy to overpower them with noise. That’s pretty much the block diagram for these cheap GPS jammers — put some noise on the right frequency, and your phone or your boss’s GPS tracker simply won’t function. Note that this is a very low-tech attack. There are a few 555s in there creating low-frequency noise. This feeds a VCO with a range of between 1466-1590 MHz. The output of the VCO is then sent to a big ‘ol RF transistor for amplification and out through a quarter wave antenna. It may be RF wizardry, but this is a very simple circuit.

The GPS signal jammer is a small and light device which can be easily to carry and use.Just plug into a standard lighter with 12V for power. The super compact and delicate design can fully disable GPS signal to prevent from being tracked automatically within your vehicle. The frequency is 1570-1580MHz and the typical coverage is 2 to 10 meters. The antenna interface is Omni SMA Antenna, it provides about 3dB gain to overcome the losses from the resistive attenuation pad.

In modern society, GPS jammers are the best devices to protect your privacy. Using this device, you don't have to worry about someone else can easily track to your personal position.

Vehicle GPS Satellite Signal Disruptors

The Vehicle GPS Disruptor are small and easy to carry, and can protect your personal privacy and whereabouts anytime and anywhere. With car charging function, you can protect your vehicle safety. Work does not affect the normal use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment. Effectively jamming GPS satellite signals, protect your location privacy and personal information.

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