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GPS anti-tracking intercept gadget

The direct way to avoid being tracked is to destroy the GPS device and make sure that it no longer functions. But if the purpose is to just tamper it secretly without the knowledge of the installer, then it’s easy to block or weaken the transmission of the tracking device. Of course, you can also choose to use a GPS jammer. This is also the most secure anti-trace method at present.

The core of the GPS is a constellation of about 30 satellites (the number of working satellites varies) in Earth’s orbit. At any point on Earth, at any given moment, at least six of these will be in the sky, someplace from horizon to horizon. Each satellite carries a very precise atomic clock and a radio that transmits a time signal. GPS receivers also carry an accurate crystal oscillator clock that is used to compare the time signals received from overhead satellites. This caused GPS to start mass tracking. In the United States, you never know when you're going to be installed.

Within the military realm, secure GPS has traditionally been defined as “encrypted GPS, military GPS, or SAASM GPS,” says Al Simon, marketing manager for Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “While there are a number of terms associated with it, it all has to do with the military code being used. We generally describe ‘secure GPS’ as military-encrypted GPS that uses military P(Y) code.”

Anti Tracking GPS Intercept

This Anti Tracking Intercept uses military camouflage design, exquisite appearance, high quality. Can defense tracking and block 6 bands signals, including all phone signal, GPS and LOJACK. Has LCD Display Screen: Display working whether normally, the battery power display, charging display, the body temperature display, more convenience to control the using of the device. Has 1 main switch, the No. 1 to No. 6 switches for antennas single control switches, can choose to interfere antennas function individually; the switch with memory function, if device restart, default before function design

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