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Todd Humphreys showed his smartphone screen to his students at his Texas laboratory at Geo Trouvetou: we saw a Google map there There is a blue dot showing the geographic location of their university. So far, nothing surprising. Suddenly, the blue dot starts to move around the screen, just like placing a smartphone in a moving car. Besides it is in the hands of scientists! What causes this: A small box in the workshop acts as a GPS jammer. It is a BOP ("Superman"), a GPS simulator. It receives real signals from GPS satellites and then resends them at the same wavelength after slightly modifying the coordinates. Neighbor GPS systems will prioritize false signals from fraudsters Because it is more powerful than a satellite that is 20,000 kilometers from Earth. If I install a good antenna on the roof of a building, it will distort all nearby GPS, and even aircraft passing by the city. "

As for the GSM frequency, in our country, there is the fourth one at 900, 1800, 1900 mHz, and it is no longer coming back to me. Since France will soon be equipped with gps jammer in certain places, there is no doubt that this information will be obtained, and interference frequencies will appear to prevent any mobile GPS device from transmitting within the range covered by the jammer. It must still exist, and for mobile phones, except for emergency calls, it will soon be impossible to make or receive a call in a movie theater. Cinemas will gradually be equipped with jammers to prevent any such mobile devices from transmitting signals. To make a call, you must leave the room. But what about GPS?

I do n’t know what you guys are doing. I only know what the jammer is usually used for, and I understand the purpose of the GSM jammer, but I want to know what is the purpose of interfering with the GPS frequency. More importantly, GSM is a receiver and a transmitter, and the frequency of the transmission is disturbed, while GPS is only a receiver (the transmitter is a satellite, I think it is seriously interfering with the satellite. I am not too interested in this Satisfied, because I said, “It is still necessary to maintain this interest.” I am just answering your question, just like you, I very much doubt the existence of GPS jammers.

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