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One consequence of the global rise of GPS (Global Positioning System), and its inherent ability to track and record information, is that people feel their privacy is cramped, their movements recorded. Thanks to GPS, we are now connected and informed in ways that have not been possible before. It is now used for many applications it was never meant to service, from smartphone apps to surveyors’ high-accuracy networks. However, technology always has advantages and disadvantages. GPS does bring us a lot of convenience, but it also has a lot of bad effects.

This is special car GPS signal jammer. Designed this small yet very handy device in order to help millions of truck drivers around the world who suffer from GPS tracking placed in their 18-wheelers by their employers and who think that their privacy rights are violated in this way. Of course, this device tracking jammer is meant to help all those guys to regain their privacy once and for all. But they are not the only ones who drive vehicles on this planet, right? So any driver willing to protect him or her can use this product to do that.

A GPS scrambler is any device that blocks, jams or interferes with GPS transmissions or operations. Interfering with GPS is not difficult as GPS signals are received with very low signal power. Hence, GPS jamming devices are fairly simple to manufacture.

Of course, manufacturing is simple compared to other jammers. But there are still many complicated circuits. Normally, only with the more sophisticated circuit structure, the jammer performance of GPS jammer can be more stable.

GPS Scrambler Vehicle 5 Bands Buy

Buy this product for all the current GPS satellite positioning system and the characteristics of wireless videotaping, in the radius of 5-30 meters within the effective GPS satellite signals and wireless video transmission signal truncated, so that your whereabouts are not worried about being tracked, videotaping. Effective prevention by GPS satellite positioning tracking, to protect your whereabouts of privacy and confidential information. While effectively jammer CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / 3G and other mobile phone signals

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