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Glympse location sharing app in Mercedes gps jammer

Mercedes-Benz is working with a location-sharing app maker called Glympse, and you're probably one of the first lucky winners of the Mercedes A-Class to be equipped with the Glympse location-sharing app. Did you know that Mercedes-Benz always brings unexpected surprises to customers, I must say that this time is very shocking.

The Glympse location sharing app uses GPS tracking, Wi-Fi location and cell tower triangulation technology to determine the location of your Mercedes A-Class and share it when this option is activated. Due to the complex use of the tracking system, it can sometimes even determine the location inside a building, such as an underground parking lot.

Glympse Light is not a simple location sharing application. It is equivalent to installing a gps jammer in your car, and this Mercedes A-Class driver has complete control over his work. You can choose who sees your current location, when to start seeing him or her, and when to share your location with that person. It has complete control over your work. In addition, you can share your location with several people at once. Also, the maximum timer limit is set to 4 hours, which means that if you forget to set it, location sharing will automatically stop.

I think if you have the money to buy a Mercedes A-Class, you will have criminals who can try to figure out where you are going and where you are going. So you can interfere with the Glympse location sharing app in a Mercedes A-Class sedan to protect your location from criminals and be satisfied with the confidentiality of your location information, which can make you disappear anytime, anywhere Anywhere without being discovered by others.

Mini Type Portable Signal Blocker GPS Device

This device is one of the most popular handheld jammers. It is commonly used in classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, cinemas, etc. Because the device is small and easy to hide, it is very popular among customers and worth getting started, if you are interested, you can try it.

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