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When choosing a GPS jammer type device, you can choose not to track anymore. In fact, car GPS trackers or other geolocation systems have been used and existed in many cases. Managers of transport, taxi, ambulance or car rental companies use this type of system.

In this case, gps jammer are able to interfere with GPS-type waves and frequencies. However, this use is still limited. In fact, manufacturers of GPS systems have considered the development of technology in the field of anti-intelligence. Every day they are developing more efficient and less sensitive solutions for GPS jammers. This is the witch hunt between the developers of the two camps.

GPS jammers are actually the business of specialized personnel (armed forces, spies, terrorists, security companies, etc.), but we have observed that they are being democratized in large numbers from now on. Garmin, for example, sells a GPS tracker (tracker) for 199 €, which is as large as a thumb, so it is easy to hide in vehicles, bags, etc. Enough to satisfy everyone's paranoia: jealous husband, worried parents, enthusiastic business manager, etc.

If these tools that enter our private life have the expected success, the jammer market will also be in danger of exploding. But climbing doesn't stop there! A public and private organisation in the UK has developed a GPS jammer! , But this site is really good and cheap, everyone can take a look at

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