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GPS jammers are an annoyance for law enforcement and the transportation industry 

Perfectjammer 2022/09/14

  GPS signal jammer? This is a cliche of old scholars. A GPS jammers is a device used to hide whereabouts or block hidden GPS tracking signals by sending radio signals at the same frequency as GPS devices. Once this happens, the GPS device cannot determine its location due to interference. Are you looking for this GPS signal jammer for your personal use?

  As we all know, with the development of high-tech, GPS tracking technology has been developing with new innovations. With the spread of smartphones and Internet of things devices, every location, online search, website visited, and item purchased are tracked.

GPS jammers are an annoyance for law enforcement and the transportation industry 

  The GPS signal jammer also appeared. The GPS jammer itself can usually be a small, stand-alone transmitter that produces a jamming signal within a 5-10 m radius. It can also be a powerful device that blocks GPS signals with a radius of more than 100 meters, depending on the frequency you purchase.

  While the purchase of GPS jammers is strongly discouraged, various types of jammers can be purchased online, such as physical shields, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth jammers, remote control jammers, cell phone GPS signal jammers, and other types of jammer products, just To give a few examples. For law enforcement and the transportation industry, GPS jammers are annoying and worrying. Interference can interfere with GPS vehicle tracking, also known as fleet tracking or telemetry, which is a critical source of business data for many companies. It is also very popular for personal use now.

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