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How does GPS jammer work and how to stop it?

Hello, I am not very familiar with GPS jammer technology, but I am sure that it can shield long-distance GPS signals. I want to know how this is possible and is there a way to protect myself from this kind of harm?

2020-12-01 at 12:30


We must tell you that GPS jammers are indeed possible. The main reason for this situation is that GPS signal protection is not good and the signal is really weak. This is why you can relax GPS reception in parking lots or densely populated urban areas. The whole process is the same as GSM cell tower deception. As long as the signal is weak, you must send a fake GPS signal to the victim, which is only slightly stronger than the original signal. But we know several ways to block GPS signals at perfectjammer.com. In order to exploit this vulnerability, the forged GPS signal must be stronger than the original GPS signal, so we recommend shielding the GPS signal in the desired area, and then switch to GLONASS or other global positioning systems. But please be careful to use gps jammer devices during sea voyages, because you may completely block the signal, and worse, you may interfere with the navigation of other ships.