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Smaller GPS signal jammers must be hand-held and portable, easy to carry 

Perfectjammer 2022/09/15

  Shielded band: you must know which signals you want to block before buying. Moreover, our company's GPS signal shield adopts full-band shielding. If a user wants to shield a signal, they just need to install the corresponding antenna on the machine.

  Power supply: Hand-held GPS jammers is a built-in lithium battery. After the power is used up, it can be charged with the power adapter; the test room of the table type uses a 220V voltage power supply, and the vehicle-mounted application is usually a 12-36V voltage power supply.

Smaller GPS signal jammers must be hand-held and portable, easy to carry 

  Body size: Generally speaking, the smaller one must be hand-held and portable, relatively small in size, and easy to carry; the low-power desktop type is usually not very large in size, similar to a small notebook computer; the high-power one is not very large. It's heavy, and the towing box type is particularly large.

  Shielding range: the shielding range is proportional to the power. In general, low-power GPS signal isolators are widely used in examination rooms. Installed in the classroom is enough, the shielding area is about 200 square meters. It can reach 300-400 meters, depending on the strength of the local magnetic field.

  Power size: jammer is usually divided into low power, medium power, and high power, power of 3W - 100W.When we recommend users choose a GPS signal jammer, the total area to be shielded is determined.

  Appearance: GPS Signal Jammer in appearance can be divided into an external antenna and a built-in antenna. In general, the external antenna is extended outward, because the antenna is external, so compared with the internal antenna, the external antenna takes up a lot of space. A little; Because it's just an extended antenna, the effect of the external antenna should be stable.

  Applicable occasions: For applications related to shielding, if it is used in indoor applications, GPS signal jammers that are usually suitable for examination rooms, conference halls, offices, and other spaces are one category. Gas stations must be explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant; if it is an outdoor open area, medium-power equipment must be used to achieve suitable spacing.

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