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Cell Phone jammers to prevent cell phone use

Perfectjammer 2020-11-22

mobile phone jammer

Federal state school laws have different requirements for this: some laws clearly stipulate “temporary removals” in the catalog of permitted educational measures, other laws only put forward very general requirements and allow schools to formulate special regulations. One uses cell phone jammer to prevent students from surfing the Internet. This depends on the respective school regulations. The result is that the teacher is authorized to take back the phone if it disrupts the classroom. The specific method caused controversy: How long can the school keep the mobile phone, and to whom should the mobile phone be returned? If there are no specific regulations, it can be inferred from the principle of proportionality that when the school is definitely no longer a problem and the reason for movement no longer applies, the school usually must return the mobile phone. As an educational measure, it can be allowed to keep mobile phones outside this range in individual cases. However, it was agreed not to allow permanent removal. It is also obvious that a longer retention period must not be a punitive measure. Teachers have the right to do so only under clearly defined conditions.

In certain cases that are not within the range of cell phone jammers, individual federal states have specified that items normally taken away must be returned at the end of the school day. Bavaria has stipulated that mobile phones can be "temporarily detained", but not for how long. Therefore, this decision is made by the teacher. Some lawyers also believe that retention periods are usually not allowed, and mobile phones must be returned to students in person-by contrast, dangerous items such as knives are usually returned to parents only. However, there is no clear opinion here, which may correspond to different ways of handling the school. If the student does not want to hand over the mobile phone, the school can, for example, exclude the student from the classroom, or consider notifying their parents.

In violation of the wishes of relevant personnel, teachers are not allowed to search for mobile phones and other items of students. The general legal barriers of the Criminal Procedure Law apply here. According to this legal barrier, only the procuratorate can view data stored on mobile phones. Even police officers can only do so with proper orders or the consent of the relevant personnel. Therefore, teachers are only allowed to ask students to show the contents on their mobile phones or mobile phones without forcing them to use them. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs described this situation in a 2006 statement as: “Since mobile phones can hold the contents of the students’ private lives, the teacher himself presses the button on the phone to Access to mobile phones is unreasonable. In order to ensure the content. The storage reserved for videos and pictures can also contain very personal content. This may also affect the basic rights of mail and telecommunications confidentiality. "The teacher does not have the right to check the phone, but it can be Use cell phone jammers to prevent cell phone use. Obligation to report some particularly serious crimes. However, teachers can keep their mobile phones and notify their parents. If a crime is suspected, the police can or should be notified. Whether this makes sense depends on personal circumstances, such as the severity of the behavior, the insight of the student, and so on. Obligation to report some particularly serious crimes.

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