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Can citizens buy and use mobile jammers randomly?

Opsahl Josh February 18, 2021 12:30

The reporter consulted relevant information and found that as early as 2007, the State Security Bureau and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "Regulations on the Development, Production and Sales of Mobile Communication Mobile Phone Jammers for Confidential Conferences."

Regulations require that the sale of mobile cell phone jammer for confidential meetings should be strictly controlled. When authorized companies sell products to confidential entities, they must be checked by the confidentiality department at or above the municipal (prefecture) level or the central and state organs. The approved "Confidential Conference Mobile Communication Mobile Phone Jammer Purchase Review Record Form" is sold according to the approved product quantity and model, and detailed records are made. Authorized enterprises may not sell products to units and individuals without valid certificates, nor may they sell products in the form of consignment sales.

In response to the private sales of mobile phone jammers by some individual merchants in the market, the relevant person in charge of the Urumqi Radio Administration Bureau introduced that according to national regulations, the installation and use of mobile phone jammers must be approved and filed by the confidentiality department and the radio management department. It can be used later, and there are strict regulations on the place and time of use of the equipment. In recent years, the bureau has also discovered that some units have installed and used mobile phone jammers without approval. The bureau has issued rectification notices to these units in a timely manner, requiring these units to purchase approved products and go through relevant use procedures in accordance with national requirements.

According to him, the mobile phone jammer devices sold by individual vendors in some electronic markets in Uzbekistan are mostly fake and inferior products produced without authorization from the relevant state departments. The formal mobile communication jamming devices approved by the state are only in use. Mobile phone communications within the setting range will be shielded, but these fake and inferior products may affect the normal communications of other mobile phone users nearby due to factors such as irregular frequency settings and poor quality of the original components.

The person in charge confessed to reporters that in their law enforcement work, some companies or individuals did not cooperate with law enforcement. The main reason was that these companies and individuals purchased unqualified mobile phone jammers at low prices on the market, which violated the law. The cost is low, only self-interest is considered, and there is not much knowledge about the harm it interferes with normal public communication. When the radio management department encounters non-cooperation with law enforcement, it can only patiently explain national regulations.

He said that in order to effectively curb the phenomenon of random sales and use of mobile phone jammers, the only way to manage them is from the source, with the cooperation of confidentiality, industry and commerce, quality supervision, and public security departments, and strict control over production and sales channels. At the same time, he advised citizens not to buy this kind of equipment, so as not to cause trouble to others' normal communication.

Although mobile phone jammers have played a positive role in preventing cheating in large-scale exams such as the college entrance examination, the communication of surrounding residents due to their improper use has also been affected from time to time. Many citizens said that the abuse of this device has endangered citizens' freedom of communication, and even worried that it would become a "weapon" for criminals to commit crimes.

Professionals said that if this kind of mobile phone jammer is used by criminals, the consequences may be unimaginable: if it is a burglary, if the gangster carries this kind of mobile phone jammer and cuts off the fixed line and then steals, even if the homeowner finds the thief It can only be in vain to call the police. In addition, cell phone jammers are likely to become "accomplices" of criminals stealing high-end vehicles.