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What is the Range of a Cell Phone Jammer?

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/13

  This depends on the output power of the unit. Small, pocket phone blockers are typically very weak and can only block 20-30 feet, while a very powerful military grade jammer can block signals up to a quarter mile or more. The output power, measured in Watts, is typically a good unit of measure to determine how powerful the jammer and it’s coverage are.

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  Different Types

  Cell phone jammers are just like any device. They vary greatly in their capabilities depending on the make and model.

  Basic jammers gps only block one of the cell phone’s two frequencies. This works because it fools the phone. The phone basically thinks it doesn’t have service because it is only receiving one frequency.

  More advanced models block more than just one frequency. Some jamming devices can block multiple frequencies at once and can even be tuned to match an exact frequency.

  Most modern cell phones are affected by a cell phone jammer. But you might want to invest in a more advanced model of the jammer.

  Advanced models are a good investment if you have a dual or tri-mode phone that switches between networks.

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