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Cell Phone Jammer parts to Know

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/13

  Cell phone jammers are like cell phones in that they differ by make and model. Some rely on a simple switch while advanced models require a manual change in frequency.

  While every model is different, there are some universal parts to cell phone jamming devices.

Cell Phone Jammer parts to Know

  The most important parts to know are the components of the RF section. This is the most pivotal part of the device because it communicates with the cell phone.

  The first part of the RF section is the antenna. This is what sends the signal out into the world.

  Antennas can be either external or located inside the device depending on the make and model. On more advanced models, they can be manually adjusted to match certain frequencies.

  The next part of the RF section is the power supply. This is the area that powers the entire device.

  More advanced jammers gps are powered via a central system. Even others can be plugged into a wall outlet.

  The final part of the RF section is the voltage controlled oscillator. This is one of the most important pieces because it generates the signal.

  The RF amplification is the thing that increases the power of the signal to actually block your cell phone’s signal. While there are other parts that make up this device, these parts play the most important role.