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How do you know that cell phone jammers are reliable?

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/13

  They’re used by some of the most advanced law enforcement teams in the world.

  They were used in many counter-terrorism efforts in the early 2000s in order to block communications between cell phones and trigger explosives. Police forces also use them to hinder communication between criminals.

  Jamming devices are also used by civilians.

  The average adult cell phone owner makes and receives around 5 voice calls a day. That means there are a lot of people receiving unsolicited phone calls. Casual cell phone owners may want to block calls for a variety of reasons.

  Silence is golden in certain places. People in libraries, theaters, schools, hospitals, meetings or government offices may benefit from a cell phone jammers gps.

  The scariest aspect of drone use is the anonymity granted to its users. You really never know who exactly is piloting them.

  And nowadays, anyone could be.

  Drones have been used by TV broadcast stations, private corporations, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and private citizens.

  Notifying someone when a drone will be gathering data in or around them or their property

  Protecting that data

  Until the government establishes any kind of firm laws that will protect your privacy, you need to take matters into your own hands.

  However, using one in a public place can be dangerous. They can block emergency signals or important police calls. This can leave the jammer liable for any disturbance or legal ramifications that may come.