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Car OBD Beidou Blocker GPS Jammer Device

Signal Jammer

This product shields GPS/Beidou satellite signals and does not affect the transmission of other signals. Mainly anti-tracking and positioning, protect your personal privacy and security. Product Quick Instructions 1. Find the OBD port (computer diagnostic port) of the car How to find it: Open Baidu/Google webpage - enter the year, brand, model of the car, where is the Plus+OBD port? Then Baidu/Google will prompt the location of the OBD port. 2. Insert the product into the OBD interface, turn on the power and turn on the work light. 3. The car OBD interface is used to detect the diagnostic interface of the vehicle. Usually free. Inserting this OBD jammer has no effect on vehicle functionality Reminder: The position of the OBD interface is generally under the steering wheel, and there are some covers on the upper part of the brake pedal, which need to be opened...


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