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Cell Phone Scrambler Diy

In order to meet the requirements of new trends, improve the high-tech prevention level of detention centers, enhance the high-tech management capabilities of detention centers, promote the construction of data information management in detention centers, and promote the harmony and stability of detention centers and promote the continuous improvement of the modernization level of detention centers. Reasonable and reasonable control and prevention of mobile phone signals in the detention center shall be carried out to avoid the security risks brought by the illegal use of smart phones. In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, the Cell Phone Scrambler Diy installation came into being. This is because when we take the test, many people will vigorously violate the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness. In this case, most managers will turn their attention to shielding devices. For those who have never used such components, it is imperative to find a way to solve the use of the cell phone jammer . A question, in fact, in the application process, we need to pay attention to many things.

NZ10 Hidden Antenna Wall-Mounted WIFI Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Scrambler Diy

This is a wall-mounted high-power wifi mobile phone jammer, using ABS shell: waterproof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, interference distance of 100-200 square meters.


BT8 18W High Power GPS WiFi Cell Phone 3G 4G Jammer

Cell Phone Scrambler Diy

As the first jammer using new jamming technology. This 8 bands desktop cell phone jammer has a jamming distance of 50 meters. It has a greater jamming distance than other 8-band desktop jammers. Can jamming a variety of frequency bands, jamming distance can be adjusted. Can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the other bands operation


High-Power Drone Jammer Interception Equipment Box-Type Drone Drive Away Equipment

Cell Phone Scrambler Diy

This product mainly interferes with the frequency band in use by the drone, and interferes with the signal transmission of the uplink and downlink frequency bands, causing the remote control to fail, and the captured images and videos cannot be transmitted back, forcing the drone to hover in the air and land


6-Band High-Power Desktop Cell Phone Jammers CDMA WIFI2.4 GSM 3G 4G Blockers

Cell Phone Scrambler Diy

This desktop 6-band 80w high-power wireless mobile phone signal jammer, each unit can interfere with up to 6 frequency bands at the same time, and each frequency band can also be independently controlled, and can be shielded up to about 80 meters.


Public telephones increase their economic income. In addition, mobile communication operators may also use shielding equipment to harm each other's interests, thereby gaining an advantage in some local competition in the same industry. In addition, Cell Phone Scrambler Diy is also easy to add software to become a veritable bug. All antennas and couplers are installed indoors, and the antenna positions can be adjusted appropriately according to the indoor structure during construction. In order not to affect the beauty of the decoration, the ceiling antenna should be installed in the ceiling as much as possible, and can be installed under the ceiling if the conditions cannot be met. After connecting to the host, connect the adapter, and there will be a corresponding port on the host. Because the structure of the adapter is relatively simple, it can be directly inserted into the host, which is more convenient, and the requirements for technical performance are not very high, so the installation is also relatively convenient.

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