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Cell Phone Microphone Blocker

Aziz Matt 2022-01-06

Connecting this "small black box" to the power supply can make all the surrounding mobile phones fail. Connected to the power supply, once turned on, all mobile phones within a radius of 10 meters to 40 meters have no signal. Recently, I learned that a Cell Phone Microphone Blocker mobile phone "killer" is also sold in Qingdao. Is it legal to use this equipment? Does it infringe the rights of others in communication? Yesterday, the reporter conducted an investigation on this. cell phone jammer Very "effective" The day before yesterday, we came to the Electronic Information City after some inquiries and learned that there is an electronic company in this city that operates cell phone jammers. The reporter found this company, and the company's head, Guo Mou, introduced the situation of mobile phone signal jammers, and demonstrated this "mobile phone killer" to reporters on the spot.

The Cell Phone Microphone Blocker in front of us is about the size of a landline phone, black in color, and has two dedicated antennas. "This is actually a device that interferes with mobile phone signals." In a radius of 40 meters to 40 meters, the "PHS" of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom will all "sleep" in the coverage area without exception. After adjustment, the pager will also be disturbed and become "dumb". The shopkeeper then turned on the cell phone jammer. Sure enough, the reporter's cell phone lost signal after a few seconds. After the owner unplugged the power, the reporter's cell phone signal was restored. This is a "safety" measure. According to Guo, as a safety measure, mobile phone jammers are mainly used in gas stations, oil depots, hospitals, theaters, large and medium hotels, courts, courts and some places with high security requirements. So far, the store owner has only sold one cell phone jammer.