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Cell Phone Service To Block Soam Falls

Cohen Beth 2022/3/17

Sun Junping, deputy director and senior engineer of the Xinjiang Transportation Administration, said that regarding the use of " Cell Phone Service To Block Soam Falls ", the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee and the General Office of the Government have made clear regulations on the standardized use of such products. The dealers who sell such instruments must be registered with the industrial and commercial department, and the business scope must be clearly marked on the business license. During use, limit the use time, use occasion, use range, and power use, and use it by special personnel; if it affects others, you can complain to the radio management department. According to Qiu Shilei, a lawyer at Xinjiang Baifeng Tianyuan Law Firm, in some cases, users need to shut down or switch to mute, which requires the consent of the other party. If there is a consensus, there is no problem. However, if such shielding devices are installed, forcibly banning mobile communications can be considered "unconstitutional". Article 40 of the Chinese Constitution stipulates: "The freedom of communication and the confidentiality of communication of citizens of the People's Republic of China are protected by law, except for the needs of national security or the need to investigate criminal crimes, except for public security organs or procuratorial organs. Communication shall be inspected in accordance with legal procedures. Any Organizations and individuals shall not violate citizens' freedom of communication and confidentiality for any reason."

Yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education announced that in 2008, the number of candidates for the college entrance examination in our province is expected to reach 400,000, an increase of 20,000 from 380,000 in 2007, and the number of applicants will hit a new record high. Our province will use Cell Phone Service To Block Soam Falls for the first time in the college entrance examination next year. In addition, next year there will be separate exam rooms for arts and physical education students. It is reported that the relevant departments have discussed several changes in the college entrance examination next year. cell phone jammer is used for the first time, except that the registration time for the college entrance examination is 5 days in advance. Art and sports candidates will have separate exam rooms for next year's gaokao. Take the exam in the exam room. According to reports, the mobile phone jammer has a powerful electromagnetic signal interference function, which can block abnormal wireless communication inside and outside the examination room, and effectively prevent and combat mobile phone violations and cheating. Our province has used mobile phone signal jammers in both the adult college entrance examination and the national postgraduate entrance examination. In order to maintain good examination discipline, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education to "accelerate the construction of standardized test centers and test rooms", in 2008, provinces, cities and counties (districts) will invest in the purchase of mobile phone jammers in proportion and place them in the general college entrance examination room. The examination room, one for every two examination rooms, makes the general college entrance examination more fair and just.