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Perfectjammer 2021/10/9

The annual college entrance examination has come to an end, and the twelve years of hard study will finally usher in results. Therefore, the importance of the college entrance examination is self-evident, and there is no room for favoritism. A lot of Cell Phone Signal Jammer For Bathroom is installed in the examination room to prevent them from cheating on the Internet. However, there were reports on the first day of the college entrance examination. During the math test in a college entrance examination room in Hubei, some candidates took pictures of the national college entrance examination math papers and uploaded them to the Xiaoyuan Souyu APP. After being found by the Xiaoyuan Souyu APP staff, they took screenshots and reported them. Later, the education department stated that the student had already had all grades cancelled and would be dealt with seriously in accordance with the "National Educational Examination Violation Measures" and other regulations to prevent others from doing so. At the same time, the invigilators were removed and the invigilators were strengthened. The invigilators involved have been further investigated by the discipline inspection and supervision organs. cell phone jammer

It caused an uproar for a while. Everyone knows that the inspection work before entering the examination room for the college entrance examination is very strict. This makes many people curious, how did the examinee bring the mobile phone into the examination room? The Ministry of Education announced today (9th): Upon investigation, the examinee hid his mobile phone in a thin cloth in his hand when entering the examination room for security check, raised his hands to avoid the security check, and brought his mobile phone into the examination room illegally. Another question is that there is Cell Phone Signal Jammer For Bathroom in the college entrance examination examination room. Even if the mobile phone is brought in, it cannot be used. Then why does the candidate's mobile phone work normally? Recently, the local education bureau responded that it may be caused by the inability of mobile phone jammers to shield 5G signals! 5G is a newly launched network standard in recent years. Some new radio frequency bands are used. Many old mobile phone signal jammers do not support shielding 5G signals. I have to say that this is really a big BUG. It happened to be discovered by these cheaters. Fortunately, it was discovered in time, or the consequences would be disastrous.