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Jammers can interfere with the signals of home security systems that work over cellular or Wi-Fi


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The impact of jammers on home safety systems

Jammers can disrupt the signals of home safety systems working on cellular or Wi Fi. Although it will not cause damage to the camera or sensor, the sensor's ability to transmit signals will be limited. However, family safety is unlikely to be affected. Nowadays, most alarm companies are integrating wireless technology. This is because thieves usually carry wire pliers, screwdrivers, or hammers when attempting to break into houses. These are easy to buy daily household items. On the other hand, signal jammer will become expensive and complex items purchased by thieves.

In rare cases, thieves do have jammers, but there is no guarantee that they will function properly. It is difficult to match the frequency of the security system to interfere with the signal, as cellular or Wi Fi frequencies vary by provider and model. Furthermore, depending on the quality, the range of the jammer may be limited. High priced and long-range jammers are not affordable for thieves, and they are more likely to receive cheaper jammers. Please rest assured that wireless home safety can be considered safe and reliable.

Intelligent jammer

This type of interference device can implement multiple interference technologies and combine them to maximize interference capability while maintaining strategic stealth. With its silent monitoring interface for traffic, adaptive interference traffic is injected by its random engine. Generally speaking, designing a universal wifi jammers to block any configuration seems to be a complex and almost impossible task.

Using intelligent jammers, especially those configured for specific tasks, the device first passively listens to traffic and attempts its carefully designed interference scenarios. The continuous adaptation of this interference scenario ultimately optimizes its results. Intelligent shielding devices are typically used for shielding in the following scenarios:

All Wi Fi channels are complete,

A single channel or a specific set of channels,

The entire network with a specific SSID,

A host with a specific MAC address or IP address, etc.

Due to the adaptive nature of intelligent jammers, it is difficult to detect them because normal Wi Fi traffic can be seen while monitoring the spectrum. Only by conducting in-depth analysis of each frame's field can interference attempts be detected. Unless they can be physically located and disabled, their midpoint is also more complex.

Channel Mute

An effective but complex technique for interfering with Wi Fi networks is to block the transmission of one or all network sites. This will stop the service when the spectrum becomes quiet, allowing it to be reused for other purposes. Victims of channel muting are deceived into believing that the channel will be occupied for a specific period of time and are advised not to transmit on that channel.