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The Pakistani government is using cell phone interceptors as a precautionary security measure


Due to the increasing number of terrorist incidents across Pakistan, the government is using cellular jammers as a preventive security measure.

These jammers are usually used in situations where large gatherings are required. The official procedure for the use of jamming techniques involves the Ministry of the Interior allowing provincial interior departments to use jamming techniques if necessary. The initiating department then sets a policy on when to use signal jammers.

After that, local managers are responsible for working with the police and deciding where to place the jammers - which cut off all cell phone and other Internet signals within a 300-meter radius. The decision is made based on which location is the most strategically effective.


Jammers are often used on religious occasions, such as Eid or Ashura, where they are used to block cell phone signals to prevent possible terrorist activity. The source further stated that there are two types of mobile networks in Pakistan: GSM or AIMS. The way to block these signals is to use jammers on these specific types of networks.

This could lead terrorists to use networks outside of these two to continue their nefarious activities. In addition to this, jammers are also used in VVIP motorcades of senior government officials, including the President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Chief Minister.

Currently, the Punjab police have only about half a dozen vehicles used for VVIP security, none of which are equipped with the necessary jamming technology as part of an official protocol. The Punjab Police said the security vehicles they currently have are outdated and there is an urgent need for new vehicles equipped with the necessary jamming technology in order to keep up with The Times and carry out their work with maximum efficiency.