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Cell Phone Slot Machine Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-07-19

Cell Phone Slot Machine Jammer

Today, our factory produces Cell Phone Slot Machine Jammer for military and prison use, equipped with ultra-wideband frequency bands: CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G GPS WiFi VHF UHF. All frequency bands can be continuous and stuck at the same time. It uses a shock-proof shell design. Easy to move. The military and government approved (optional) integrated backup battery system for continuous silent operation and quick start, it will surprise you. An on/off switch is provided for each independent frequency band. The special radio frequency protection shielding design ensures the safety of users. It is an illegal device in most countries. According to the relevant laws of many countries, it is prohibited to manufacture, import, sell or sell equipment designed to block or block wireless transmission.

Here, you don't have to worry about such problems, because we have management of the production of shielded products and have been in business for many years. Rich experience, brand new fashion style, high quality, everything can be imagined from online shopping Cell Phone Slot Machine Jammer products. Recently, the demand for portable cell phone jammer has been increasing. Most blocking kits are used for educational purposes, such as disrupting cheating and maintaining order in the classroom. This handheld optional new 8-antenna 4W mobile phone 3G 4G mobile phone jammer WIFI GPS signal jammer can block multiple types of networks at the same time, so as to turn off dual-mode or triple-mode phones, which can automatically switch between different network types To find open signals. Not only simple cell phone signals, but also GPS WIFI 4G signals are all in one package, you can achieve it. Now you have a rich shielding world, you can try it now.

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