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Cheap Cell Phone Block Game Will Block The Camera

Perfectjammer 2022/01/03

In order to protect the lens, we will put a lens cover on the camera lens. People who often play photography probably have seen "Xiaobai" who started taking pictures without taking off the lens cover. In the same way, we can also add a "lens cover" to the mobile phone camera, using the Camera Blocker App. Compared to other similar apps I found in the app market, this app is very simple to operate, you just need to click on that disgustingly large yellow shield - there is no other place to click, Cheap Cell Phone Block Game can block the phone camera. Next, until you manually click to close again, no application on the phone can detect the camera. Even if you cross it out from the background and force it to stop, it will not affect the shielding effect. cell phone jammer is equivalent to putting a layer of virtual tape on the phone. , ideal for situations where you need to temporarily block the camera.

In addition to temporary blocking, we don't want some applications to have a half-cent relationship with our mobile phone camera at all. At this time, the easiest thing is to refuse to give it camera permission. But of course it's not so easy to get rid of rogues. If you don't give it, it won't be used for you, especially in many cases, the application will add a warm reminder such as "this permission is only used to scan the code" (fei) (hua), you can't uninstall it directly, it's very annoying. No matter what permission you agree to anywhere else in the phone, as long as you deny the relevant permission in App Ops, the related application will not have any connection with the corresponding permission. Cheap Cell Phone Block Game Just like after the permission to take photos and videos is now blocked, you can still use those apps that you can't use without permission before, and at the same time, when the app tries to call the camera, it will still be rejected, and it will return empty data if it cannot be rejected. "Desperate".