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What Is Block Mode On A Cell Phone Mean Appears In Major Exams

King Robert 2022/05/28

Anti-cheating "black technology" has to rely on test signal jammers. Nowadays, in the high school and high school tests of major schools, a machine called testWhat Is Block Mode On A Cell Phone Mean can be seen in the test room. This kind of equipment installed in the test room makes many People became curious. In fact, this is a means of counteracting the increasingly widespread cheating phenomenon. It is a powerful deterrent and coping method for the constantly emerging "black technology" cheating methods, so it has been used in many It has been vigorously promoted in schools and has become a necessary equipment in the examination room. So how does cell phone jammer work? In fact, its principle is to create a shielding range that can shield communication signals within a certain range. In this, any communication signal equipment will show a state of no signal and no network; due to the current "black technology" Basically, they rely on the means of communication to get in touch with the outside world, so in this process, receiving and sending signals is an essential process, and the test mobile phone signal jammer can effectively isolate this communication signal and let this kind of cheating. The method could not be realized, and finally it was achieved to prevent the occurrence of "black technology" cheating in the examination room, ensuring a stable examination room order for the examination rooms of major schools, so that candidates can take the exam with peace of mind.

At work, many employees use mobile phones for a long time, which not only affects the work efficiency, but also affects the work of others to a certain extent, and the integrity reduces work efficiency. Some people feel the need to install mobile What Is Block Mode On A Cell Phone Mean in the office. In order to improve the productivity of employees, some people ask employees not to use mobile phones. We strictly follow this rule. But it didn't work. Many people chat online on their smartphones. A cell phone jammer will help with this. Use this product to make it impossible for staff to shop and play online. It turns off all signals. This product has a wide range of applications. Depending on the designated signal strength area, it can be as close as 40 meters. If you don't want to affect other areas, you can use this tunable to adjust the mask radius. Wifi shielding is perfect for office use, you can adjust the shielding radius, you can choose the right workplace, just to interfere with what you want, it won't affect anyone else, so you can avoid being sued and causing harm to others Economic losses.