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Block Your Number When Dialing On A Cell Phone Blocks Base Station Signal

Weber Peter 2022/05/23

For example, when many people are in elementary school, their minds are still immature. In order to get good grades, they secretly look at the exam papers at the same table, or secretly flip through books, so as to get good grades. But as we grow older, when we go to middle school and university, we will deliberately resist this kind of behavior and control our luck. Most people still hope to achieve real results through their own efforts, and use this to check for leaks. Make up for the vacancy and make up for it in the following study and life. To a certain extent, fluke psychology can make us have an easy life. Take the exam as an example, the knowledge points that have been memorized so hard may not be tested. In the exam, as long as you find this knowledge point and copy it, you can easily To achieve good grades, once you rely on this kind of psychology will lead to disaster. Once you get used to this kind of life of "passing by", everything in life can be "passing by". So how does Block Your Number When Dialing On A Cell Phone ​block the signal? The current cell phone jammer is full frequency band, it can block all 2G 3G 4G signals, 2.4G WIFI signals and bluetooth signals under the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom. Its principle is to interfere with the frequency it sends out. Cell phones receive frequencies from base stations and wireless routers, thereby shielding them.

An easy way to protect yourself with Block Your Number When Dialing On A Cell Phone is to buy a common portable cell phone blocker in our store. The device can mute radio signals from a large enough distance. Commonly used in public places, meeting rooms and leadership offices. Cell phone jammers can be attached to portables and can eliminate portable communication channels, wireless camera and microphone communication channels. The range of such devices depends on many factors: since these devices will only interfere with the frequencies specified, other devices within their operating range will function normally. For example, if the network is muted, the phone will work. Cell phone jammers have no effect on any other equipment or personnel. The most popular is the portable signal jammer, which has gained many visitors due to its dense and powerful functions. The cell phone jammer is easy to bag, can mute the signal to a radius of 10 meters, and has a built-in powerful battery to keep the device running for 5 hours. The device is used to protect personal information in cars, but also large rooms, offices and jamming pinhole cameras, a common means of eavesdropping.