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Block Adult Content On Cell Phone Chrome Completely Covers The Communication Method

Hinkins Charles 2022/05/21

Our mobile phones must emit qualified electromagnetic waves in order to connect to our telecommunications carrier base stations. Different communication systems use different frequencies, so that everyone is safe and does not interfere with each other. The basic principle of cell phone jamming equipment is to emit the same radio frequency signal as the cell phone. Since the frequencies are the same, the cell phone cannot tell which signal is a regular base station signal, thus "jamming". As long as there is a machine on the same frequency as the phone, the base station will make a lot of "noise" when it tries to connect to the phone. You will find that the signal from the phone is unrecognizable, so you will refuse to communicate with the phone. In the early days, Block Adult Content On Cell Phone Chrome only blocked one set of frequencies, like 2G, while sophisticated jammers can block several types of networks simultaneously, like 2-3-4-5G. So how is this multi-network interference achieved? Actually simple. That is to say, the interference bands corresponding to these three signals are repeated in a cyclic manner, covering these three interference bands at the same time. The interval of this cycle is so small that the mobile phone has no chance to speak, and can only sit and do it quietly. a brick. Covering 2/3/4/5G, what about bluetooth and wifi? It doesn't matter, it can be done easily. cell phone jammer Evolved again, adding the frequency bands of bluetooth and wifi to the scanning range, so that several common communication methods in the society are completely covered.

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, mobile phones are as easy as buying clothes for everyone, so when schools conduct large-scale examinations, it is necessary to use Block Adult Content On Cell Phone Chrome in the examination room to prevent students from cheating by using mobile phones. Otherwise, every student's test scores will be very good on the exam. So schools need to install some cell phone jammers near the classroom before exams, but which one should schools buy when buying jammers? According to the signal jammers used in ordinary exams, the quality is good, and the data signals are strong. Because this is really a very good signal jammer on the mobile phone in the exam room, its very good place depends on the following content.