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Will mobile phones cause health problems?

Perfectjammer 2020-04-30

People all over the world are playing with mobile phones, but they often neglect sports, causing their bodies to become worse and worse. Does mobile phones really cause a series of diseases? This theme is as old as the times, but recently the FCC decided to review it. The agency formulated mobile phone safety standards in 1996. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski then made a recommendation to other FCC commissioners asking them to study these standards. The FCC does not believe that mobile phones are the main cause of cancer or brain tumors, and even if they are full of doubts about mobile phones, they may cause any of these diseases. They still hope to investigate the matter and ensure that there is no scientific evidence that the mobile phone may be the problem, but it is not worth knowing whether the new product gps blocker has really affected the mobile phone.

The five members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must approve the president ’s proposal before making it public. In May 2011, the World Health Organization classified mobile phones as potentially cancer-causing mobile phones and listed them as coffee and several vegetables at a certain moment. At the same time, Christopher Wild, director of the IARC, said that in-depth research on the impact of mobile phones on the human brain, before long-term research, using mobile phones may not be safe. carried out. A few months later, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study of 1,000 participants who denied that mobile phones were involved in tumorigenesis or cancer development.

Currently, the FCC is testing all mobile phones sold in the United States against the standards adopted in 1996. The safety level of radio frequency emissions was established 16 years ago, and it is time to review them, correct the standards and test the emissions again to ensure the health and life safety of every American. However, despite the approval of the FCC chairman ’s proposal and all necessary tests and research, there is still a risk of excessive exposure to RF radiation, especially when considering the number of mobile phones. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your health is safe, you can protect yourself from the radio frequency radiation emitted by your mobile phone and cancer or brain tumors.

So what do you think: Can cell phones cause cancer? Should we protect ourselves from wireless signal emissions or use them safely? Let us know your comments. perfectjammer recommends that you use a manual portable jammer at home. When you ca n’t control your phone, you can activate the jammer to block the phone signal.

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